A Quiet Traveling Experience

Girl with Headphones

A Quiet Traveling Experience 

I am about to take a flight and I have noticed that every flight I’ve made in the past has left me feeling tired and exhausted. A friend of my suggested I use a pair of noise-canceling headphones to ease the fatigue and make for a more restful flight. Okay, so I am not wanting to spend a fortune on something that I use infrequently. If that was the case, I would buy myself a pair of those super-duper noise-canceling headphones worth hundreds of dollars – considered the best of the best according to those in the know.

I want something that doesn’t cost that much, but gives me a good return on my investment!

Enter the Noisehush i7. The Noisehush i7 are between $50.00 and $60.00 but can retail at close to $100.00. They come in their own sturdy, hard carry-case and have all the accessories you need for plugging into both newer and older planes. The head cups are super comfy made from memory foam covered in real leather. This makes for a solid 6-7 hours of comfortable wear.

My view is anything on your ears for more than that isn’t going to be comfortable. These headphones do need a couple of Triple-A batteries to make use of the noise-canceling feature. So, be sure to purchase them before you get on the plane. Once the batteries are in, you can flick the switch and enjoy what they have to offer (they also function as headphones if the battery runs out or you don’t want to use that feature).

So what does it sound like? Well it’s like closing the door on a loud, droning noise. Yep, no noise-canceling headphones will make the place silent, but these will take a large chunk of the engine noise and make it disappear. Higher pitched sounds like people talking and children crying are quieter, but are still on the radar. The funny thing is when you take them off, you soon realize how loud the cabin really is. In short if you like a quieter environment, want to feel less drained by the noise pollution, and don’t need to spend a fortune on some headphones, these are just the ticket!