Hassle-Free Path to the Airplane

CheckpointHassle-Free Path to the Airplane  

Transportation Security Agency’s (TSA) Pre✓™

You have this amazing trip planned and can’t wait to board the plane and arrive at your desired destination. However, before you get access to the plane, you must wait in line at the airport and get through the security checkpoint. Oh! Yes! The unbearably long and stressful security check line! If there was only a way to avoid all of the hassle, you would, right?. Well, what if I told you there was a way – a solution?

Traveler, let me introduce you to the TSA Pre✓™, a program provided by the Transportation Security Agency. Open to all U.S. citizens and permanent residents, this TSA Pre✓™ program allows travelers to enjoy special treatment at over 188 participating airports. For a 5-year membership at $85.00, travelers will skip the dreaded security check line and instead transit through an express security screening lane, where their status in the program will be verified by fingerprint, photo and boarding pass identification. Registered travelers of this program will also enjoy a more expedited process, avoiding the removal of jackets, shoes, and belts. You will also avoid having to remove laptops and the 3-1-1 complaint bag from your carry-on.

To qualify for the program, travelers must pass a security threat assessment that includes checking identity against TSA databases. This is to ensure that travelers do not pose a threat to national security. To conduct the assessment and determine if eligibility, applicants must provide biographic and biometric data.

Next time you decide to book a trip, consider the security screening options that will make your experience at airports hassle-free. Need more advice? Have questions? Allow us to help you meet your travel needs. With numerous choices for vacations worldwide, we’re here to make your next travel experience a pleasurable and memorable one. Our travel specialists are always available to serve you. For more information, please call us at 1.800.231.4095 or e-mail us at info@ultimatejetvacations.com.