Insider’s Look: Cayo Espanto

CayoEspantoCasa-Ventanas-Over-Water When you’re looking for a little exotic mystery Belize delivers. It’s the sort of destination that leaves you saying, “What took me so long to find this place?” Especially if you’re staying at Cayo Espanto. Let’s start with this: Cayo Espanto is a private island just three miles off the coast of Belize. And even though you’ll be sharing it with a handful of others, chances are slim that you’ll lay eyes on them during your stay.

Everyone has their own villas—four one-bedroom beach villas; two two-bedroom beach villas; and the amazing one-of-a-kind overwater bungalow known as Casa Ventanas. You’ll have your own slice of beach (well, more than a slice really…a nice big chunk), your own plunge pool, your own terrace and al fresco shower. You might even have your own dock.

Open the windows and doors and let the soft breeze blow through. Let the sound of the sea lull you to sleep at night and the twittering of the tropical birds wake you in the morning. You’ll feel like Robinson Crusoe—if Robinson Crusoe had a full staff serving him gourmet meals and giving him massages, mud wraps, and coconut body scrubs every day!

Pretty much everything you need is delivered directly to your door—or your dock or your beach chair—by your own butler.

Meals are served in your villa and the menu is tailored especially to your taste (which I know is the closest I’ll ever come to having my own private chef!). Before your stay, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your food preferences. Every request is accommodated, whether you have particular dietary restrictions or you’re simply a picky eater. Three meals per day, plus snacks and most drinks are included in the price of your vacation at Cayo Espanto. If you want to be served breakfast in bed, you can have it. If you want someone to deliver your meals to the door and disappear, that also can be arranged. And picnics on the beach are a specialty!

Massages and spa treatments also are done in the villas, indoors, on the beach or in the shade of the tropical trees.

If the word Privacy—with a capital P—is flashing through your mind right now, you’re getting the picture. This is why bridal magazines consistently put Cayo Espanto on their “best honeymoon resorts” lists. The resort also does a big business in Babymoons, that much-appreciated last hurrah for parents-to-be. Anniversaries, milestone birthdays, surprise “I love you” getaways… you simply won’t find a place more perfect.

Of course the time might come when you’re feeling like you want to be active. Lucky for you, Belize offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving on earth. It’s also a favorite destination for fly-fishing and deep-sea fishing. The resort will arrange these activities for you. You’ll also have a variety of non-motorized watercraft—kayaks, Sunfish and the like—at your disposal.

Another thing we heartily recommend is a trip to visit the ancient Mayan ruins and the jaguar sanctuary on mainland Belize. Once again, that Privacy thing comes into play. You’re unlikely to run into swarms of tourists wherever you go, and in the quiet lushness of the surroundings there could very well be times when you feel a sense of peace and closeness to nature that you’re never really felt before.

Amazingly, Belize is just two hours by plane from Miami or Houston. Do not wait another minute to find it!


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—Emma Sandoval for Ultimate Jet Vacations