New Gadgets for Travelers 2014

Girl with VideocameraNew Gadgets for Travelers 2014

Earlier this year, a conference program, known as the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), featured several life-transforming products that were exhibited by thousands of consumer-technology manufacturers, suppliers, and developers.

Over 100,000 were in attendance to witness the showcase of breakthrough technologies for 2014. Among the products debuted were gadgets reported to have captured the attention of travelers. I can see why these products would be deemed beneficial. After all, what traveler would pass an opportunity to make their travel experience more convenient and enjoyable?

Out of the travel-tech products showcased, the following products are my top 4 favorite picks:

1. Mophie Space Pack: This is the world’s first battery case with built in storage that doubles the battery life and data storage of your iPhone, allowing for more music and movies to be stored and enjoyed for up to 19 hours.

2. Canon PowerShot N100: This handheld camcorder is the world’s first to shoot in 4K, four times the resolution of HD with even more realistic detail.

3. Dish Anywhere App: This is a sling-enabled HD DVR Dish Anywhere App that allows for the transfer of recorded shows to numerous devices to be watched offline.

4. Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector: This keychain projector, considered to be the world’s smallest, can be plugged onto a computer, tablet or smartphone to project movies or videos in DVD-quality resolution onto any flat surface.

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