Andaz Peninsula Papagayo – The Pura Vida” (pure life) Philosophy!

Discovering Costa Rica

To stay at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort is to truly experience Costa Rica’s natural wonders, complex history and vibrant culture. With its abundance of exotic wildlife and astonishingly beautiful scenery, coming to Costa Rica can leave you feeling like you’ve entered a whole new world. Staying at this luxury resort, with its architecture designed to reflect the real Costa Rica, will help to foster a true connection to your surroundings. Warm yourself under the tropical sun, cool off in the sapphire waters of Culebra Bay, then dry off to watch the sun setting over the horizon; when you’re here, you know you’re in paradise. Of course, anyone who chooses to travel to Andaz Papagayo anticipates indulging  in luxurious amenities at the resort.  But for those who want experience the Costa Rican culture, Ultimate Jet Vacations Agents recommend the 3 activities to truely live the “Pura Vida” life!


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The Importance of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Escaping The Worst Case Scenario: Why Trip Cancellation Insurance Is Important

Nobody ever wants to imagine the worst case scenario, particularly when they’re planning a long-awaited trip to the Caribbean or Mexico. Caribbean. Imagine – you’ve worked hard and saved carefully so that your family can spend their vacation at beautiful Gansevoort, Turks + Caicos.  For months you’ve been dreaming about the perfect holiday you and your family deep in the heart of a tropical paradise. You look forward to watching your children playing in the surf while you and your spouse sit back and relax to unwind from the morning’s snorkeling trip. Yet mere weeks before you’re set to leave, life interrupts the dreaming (as it so often does) – for whatever reason, be it a death in the family, illness, or something else, and you need to postpone your ultimate vacation.

Gansevoort, Turks and Caicos

Gansevoort, Turks and Caicos

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Do You Know Who’s Going to Le Sereno?

Insight on Le Sereno Travel

Spanning 600 feet of pristine shoreline, Le Sereno is located on the beach at Grand Cul de Sac. The magical hotel was designed by Persian designer Christian Liaigre who has helped Le Sereno gain a reputation for being one of the most stylish and private sanctuaries in St. Barths.  The popular and well acclaimed designer was specifically chosen to invoke the spirit of the island while representing simple, modern luxury.

The amenities and services at Le Sereno appeal to travelers looking for traditional luxury and new modern accommodations. Based on UJV’s experience assisting agents and working with travel partners, they have identified and created two travel personas that frequent St. Barths’ Le Sereno.

The “Ultimate Luxury” Traveler

le-sereno_Travelers that fall into this category are the traditional high-income jet-setter. They typically are between 45 and 65 years of age and know exactly what they want. They are willing to pay a premium for first rate-hospitality and 5 star experiences. This demographic is more likely to be influenced by hotel brand reputation and available full-service menu options and amenities.

The “Up & Comer” Traveler

We have found that many travel agents will book Le Sereno reservations for travelers falling into this category. Mobile 25-41 year old travelers are more receptive to investing in new, innovative experiences.  Appreciative of modern sophistication, the “up and comer” loves exploring resorts that are artistic, cultural and contemporary.



The ultra-lux hotel hosts guests from all over the world. Liaigre’s artistic direction rejuvenates each newly renovated suite and villa. The design choices complement one another as both traditional and modern details throughout the suites and villas. Cool and contemporary elements define this beautiful hotel while classic amenities and high end quality offers substance that all travelers will gladly welcome.





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Discover and Sandboard the Cerro Negro Volcano! – Nicaragua


The Climb to the top of Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro, also known as Volcán Cerro Negro is an active 2,388 foot volcano located in the north west part of Nicaragua. The English translation of Cerro Negro is “Black Hill” which perfectly describes the surrounding area of the volcano. The continuous volcanic activity throughout its formation in 1850 has covered the slopes of the hill with thick black volcanic sand.

As for getting there, a few options are available. If you choose to get to the volcano independently, be prepared to encounter unpaved, rough roads. Therefore make sure you are driving a SUV or a similar clearance vehicle. The other, more convenient option is to take one of the affordable tour groups directly from Leon.

The 60-minute trek to the summit of Cerro Negro is not a pushover. In fact be prepared to sweat, as the primary trail gradually gets steeper. The hardest part of the trip will occur at the end where the path becomes very steep and the heat from the sun reflecting on the dark sand becomes intense. Nevertheless once reaching the top, you will be rewarded with a truly unbelievable 360-degree view of the Maribios mountain chain, the city of Leon and the Pacific Ocean!

Because of the intense heat, it is highly recommended to bring sufficient water and sunscreen. Moreover, try and get up and out before the sun has time to really heat up the volcano. Finally make sure to wear a good pair of hiking boots and light but sturdy pants to protect yourself from volcanic rocks and the abrasive sand.

Once the views have been soaked in and your body has recovered from the ascent, a choice for descent has to be made. Luckily for the thrill seekers, the most popular way to descend the volcano is to sandboard or run down the steep western side. Due to the thick volcanic sand, people can “ski” down the actual volcano mountain using everything from a snowboard to simple cardboard boxes under their feet. Since this discovery, it has become one of the most popular activities in the area. Just incase the thrill of flying down the façade of the mountain isn’t exactly your thing, walking down is also an option.

Mukul Resort & Spa offers their own unique Cerro Negro Experience!

This great experience starts by leaving Mukul in the morning via helicopter, flying over ocean and jungles until arriving at Cerro Negro Volcano. Once at the site, the thrilling descent experience takes less than ten minutes top to bottom, but less athletic hikers can walk and take their time. Alternatively, experienced snow- or sand-boarders can use a wooden board to zoom downhill, much like snowboarding. An experienced bilingual guide provides a short training session. Then, suit up in protective equipment (supplied) and get ready for the ride of your life.

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3rd Night Free at Regent Palms

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Ultimate Jet Vacations offers your third night free when you book a stay at The Regent Palms Turks and Caicos! As if you need any more, here are three more reasons to love Regent Palms, Turks and Caicos…

Location. Situated on the exquisite Grace Bay Beach, soft white sands and turquoise waters surround The Regent Palms. With its breathtaking views of the ocean, this award winning resort is sure to be everyone’s paradise.

Amenities. The spiritual heart of the resort is the Regent Spa, allowing their guests to indulge themselves in a tranquil experience that harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. The fitness center features quality exercise equipment to keep guests in shape on their vacation. The rooms and suites include custom made bed linens, private balconies or terraces and mahogany furnishings to provide a luxurious feel for guests. One of the most striking features of Regent Palms is the serpentine infinity pool. It is breath taking; you must see it for yourself.

Service. Regent Palms’ number one priority is guest’s well-being and relaxation. For the duration of guests’ visits they are surprised and delighted by the consistency of the staff and their dedication to them. Their warm service that seems to be in every corner of the property will ensure your return to their little piece of Caribbean paradise.

Book your vacation between now and June 27th with travel dates in May or June to receive this incredible offer.

OHL Classic At Mayakoba


Banyan Tree Mayakoba has branded itself as being one of the most prestigious and eco-friendly themed resorts in Mexico. Widely known for its perfectly symphonized communion with the land’s natural structure, guests and visitors are welcome to completely relish in the distinct ecosystems. Not only do the amenities attract guest who seek tranquil and luxurious amenities, the resort has recently attracted professional golfers and fans in the last few years. Continue reading

Caribbean Cocktails: Bahama Mama

The sad truth is that we cannot always be laying on a tropical beach, sipping perfectly crafted fruity cocktails without a care in the world. But hey, we can sip homemade cocktails and pretend right? Today, we introduce our new blog series “Caribbean cocktails”, just another resource to get you in a Caribbean vacation mindset wherever you may be!

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