Six Ways Travelers Can Protect Their Identity

Orange WalletA growing problem worldwide, identity theft has become a major subject of discussion, especially among travelers, who are considered to be the most vulnerable. Forced to carry and share personal information and use unsecured internet connections, travelers, swayed by the excitement of travel, may not realize how exposed they are to theft and forget to protect their identity. Advances in modern technology have not made identity theft any less prevalent. With that in mind, you may ask yourself, “How do I protect my identity while traveling?” Well, I researched the subject and discovered 6 ways travelers can protect their personal information while traveling.

1. Create an email address just for travel 

Unauthorized access to your email may pose a risk to your personal information. Thwart off hackers by creating an email exclusively for travel, one with which no sensitive information will be communicated or shared.

2. Place a hold on postal deliveries before departing on your trip

Minimize exposure to your personal data by stopping the delivery of your mail. This will reduce the chance of your mail coming in contact with thieves looking to steal your information. You can also get creative and ask a trustworthy neighbor to collect your mail in your absence.

3. Guard your wallet, purse, and documents at all times 

Use caution when traveling to locations known for pickpocketing. Do not leave your wallet, purse, and documents unattended. Carry only what’s necessary. There’s no point carrying documents that you can do without. The more sensitive-type information you carry unnecessarily, the more you open yourself up to be exploited by thieves. So, be a minimalist. Keep it simple.

4. Ensure your smartphone is secured

Ensure a strong password or passcode is set and log out of all apps containing sensitive data when you’re out and about.

5. Access wireless networks or internet connections that you have identified to be secured

For the best measure of protection, avoid unsecured wireless networks or internet connections. If you have to use an unsecured connection, don’t log into your bank account or other sensitive accounts.

6. Beware of ATM’s

To capture your card number and pin, thieves often install card readers unto ATM’s to collect your account information. Reduce vulnerability by accessing bank-run, hosted ATM’s. Avoid generic ATM’s, as they tend to be the most compromised.

Take heed. Follow the advice shared. Lower your risk to getting your identity stolen by avoiding scams and employing all of these safety measures. The more cautious you are, the less likely you will fall victim to identity theft.

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