Travel Increases Longevity


The thought of travel conjures up a feeling of adventure and pleasure. Whether it is the thrill of the unknown, the chance of a new encounter, or the hope of learning something new, travel never fails to deliver. What’s more, life-expectancy experts attribute increased longevity to travel. So, how about a long and happy life for an excuse? The following highlights the top reasons travel fosters and contributes to a long life:

Keeps a mind sharp: Boost memory and brainpower by learning a new language. Traveling to different places stimulates the brain, inviting you to hear and communicate in different languages. Surprise the senses by indulging in a distinct and enticing cuisine. Exercise your problem-solving skills by mapping out itineraries, calculating local currency, etc.

Increases physical activity: Establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easiest when traveling. Hiking or biking as you are sight-seeing, for instance, can help you stay fit. How about swimming in calm, clear, blue-water beaches or amongst tropical fish? Or running while taking in the sights and smells of the outdoors?

Creates connections and lasting relationships: Close relationships are critical to health and longevity. Travel allows for friends and family to share experiences and make memories together, increasing intimacy. In many cases the most valued connections are made from direct interaction with the locals, helping you understand someone else’s way of life.

Broadens your horizons: Experiencing a myriad of different cultures will simply enrich your mind and make you a more well-rounded individual. When traveling outside your comfort zone, you see things you otherwise would not see, giving you a refreshing, new outlook on things. It helps you understand that not everyone does things that way you do.

So, why not boost your health with a good dose of travel? Don’t delay; there are places to explore, people to meet, and a reason to make you a healthier person. Need I say more? Visit to consult with one of the travel experts and book the vacation your clients need. It may just improve your health!