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Costa Rica is that nearby paradise you've been hearing so much about. Seasoned travelers in need of a break from the sand and shopping of the Caribbean isles come to this tiny Central American wonderland of natural splendor. Nature lovers will find 5% of the world's biodiversity here, in a land where 25% of the country is protected nature preserves and deforestation is practically nil.

There are fantastic beaches on both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. However, you will find the top luxury resorts and boutique hotels nestled along the northern Pacific coast on the Peninsula Papagayo. This world-renowned home for primeval cloud forests and creamy sand beaches covers the province of Guanacaste. Long ago, this peninsula was formed by volcanic activity and has been crafted by gentle rains. The peninsula of plant and animal wonders stretching into the Golfo de Papagayo, where the stormy Pacific waves are tamed in secluded coves. The photography-defying, incomparable scenery includes primary rainforests and exclusive private beaches. This vacation, get away to you luxurious Central American hideout.

Just half an hour from the brand new new international airport in Liberia, your new home in Peninsula Papagayo teems with boundless beauty, just as it has for untold centuries. The warm Pacific waters of the Golfo de Papagayo provide a home for exotic and astonishing sea-life in a setting perfect for diving and snorkeling. Explore 15 miles of coastline, 14 miles of bluff edges, and 31 separate beaches of white, coral, gray, and black sands. Meanwhile, close by lies the unspoiled jungles where the expanse and diversity of life is unrivalled in terms of the monkeys, birds, and plants that make Costa Rica so unforgetable. Mother Nature must consider Peninsula Papagayo one of her finest achievements.

Guanacaste represents Costa Rica's second-largest province but has fortunately remained the least populated. The result is a calm, peaceful ambience under thrilling volcanoes. Arenal volcano, dominating the province of Alajuela, draws the adventurous and eco-tourists to gasp in awe at this no-longer active powerhouse. A lake in what once was the volcano's caldera is an idyllic spot to watch the sun set in a local cafe. Luxury tour operators can arrange daytrips from Arenal that include the a tour of pampas, Spanish for "prairie," where you can embark on a photo safari. Soak in the visuals across the unique mix of grassy savannahs, seemingly endless cattle ranches, and lowland tropical dry forest, all beneath the iconic volcanic mountain ranges in the background.

For a change of pace, try a luxury sailing adventure through the Catalina Islands off Guanacaste. Divers and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world flock to these islands for their concentration of manta ray among many undersea wonders. After a long day of adventuring, nothing beats a slow tan on some of the world top secluded beaches. Guanacaste offers up shores stretching as long as 99 miles, from the border of Nicaraguan border to the shoals of the Nicoya Peninsula. It's not all for you though. Many beaches are protected breeding grounds for the majesty of the ocean and a symbol of Costa Rica's commitment to future generations -- the noble leatherback sea turtle.

The magical paradise of Costa Rica, especially the Peninsula Papagayo, remains the world's top secluded natural sanctuary with abundant chances to experience eco-adventure by land or by sea. Isn't it time you stopped listening to stories of Costa Rica, and start making some of your own?

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