Secret Bay

Secret Bay is a boutique eco-friendly luxury property located on the cliffs of Dominica’s stunning Secret Bay. Aided by celebrated architect, Fruto Vivas, owner, Gregor Nassief has succeeded in delivering the ultimate luxury experience combined with eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. Currently, the hotel offers six villas, all of which offer private, relaxing seclusion and glorious views over the Caribbean Sea and rainforest-covered mountains. Secret Bay is located on the northwest coast of Dominica, just a 10-minute drive from the small town of Portsmouth and about a 1 hour drive from the capital, Roseau. Secret Bay is the perfect getaway for a honeymoon vacation, a private wedding, or a holiday of a lifetime. Located on a cliff on the Caribbean sea, its diversity includes: two beaches, the magical Cario River, a spectacular sea cave and two distinct micro-climates. At this small resort with big values, enjoy a boutique hotel experience and the very best that Dominica has to offer: fresh local organic food, endless adventures on your doorstep and healthy rejuvenating living in harmony with nature.

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