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Le Manapany Restaurant

Manapany is embedded in the island's culture, often cosmopolitan, sometimes reminiscent of Brittany. Always loquacious, it reveals its secrets, one by one. We savor them in little sips, like chilled champagne or a well-aged dark rum. Prepared in a dream-shaker, its cocktails combine local colors and flavors. At the bar, they can be enjoyed in fine company. Our eyes wander across the room, expecting to see Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald dancing on the other side, or ready to talk the night away with Hemingway or Bogart, in a white tux at the bar.

The cuisine also combines the best ingredients that the island has to offer. Seafood, aromatic herbs, fruits and vegetables grown right here in the domain... Brimful of complex aromas, subtly cooked with fresh spices, the food on our plates remains simple and genuine. Meanwhile, over the grill we hear the songs of the lobster, like gourmet poetry. In a land of rum, the sweeter pleasures are no less important. The island's brown nectar fills baba pastries, flavors the gâteau nantais, and brings a new spin on the crêpe suzette.

Hours of Operation:

Breakfast: 7AM - 10.30AM
Lunch: 12PM - 3PM
Tapas: 3PM - 10PM
Dinner: 7PM - 10PM
Room service (night) :11PM- 7AM

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