Marigot Bay Resort and Marina

Marigot Bay Resort and Marina brings its devotion to genuinely caring hospitality and deeply personal travel experiences to the west coast of St. Lucia. The luxury destination is perfect for authentic St. Lucia culture, cuisine and traditions blend seamlessly with anticipatory service. Marigot Bay reflects sophisticated subtle luxury, a relaxing and in-the-moment spirit to provide the exclusive experience for every guest.

The 124 rooms and suites, from plunge pools and balconies to an elegant West Indian-inspired decor, merge the comfort of a private residence with five-star amenities.Each beautifully designed space features ample living and relaxing areas, creating a peaceful haven for Caribbean family vacations, romantic getaways and special events. Ever faithful to Marigot Bay Resort and Marina’s vision of understated luxury with unrivalled service, our accommodations are a place to unplug and escape from life’s daily bustle.

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