Beach House Turks and Caicos

Beach House is one of the first authentically boutique Turks and Caicos resorts on Grace Bay. Our luxuriantly playful 21-suite abode overlooks the bright white dunes, swaying sea grass and azure waters of one of the world’s most beautiful destinations – Grace Bay Beach. There are lots of luxury resorts in Turks and Caicos. There is only one Beach House. Our passion for exquisite service and sublime relaxation is matched only by our commitment to spontaneity and unmatched by any of the Turks and Caicos resorts. From suites with names instead of numbers, to gourmet picnics on Grace Bay beach, Beach House is all about breeziness going well beyond the weather and into your soul. How many luxury resorts in Turks and Caicos can say that?

To a place where letting go, laying back and living it up are as natural as breathing. Premium beers are on ice, lobster is on the grill, the powder-soft sand is running between your toes and the work of your day-to-day life is but a faint recollection. You’re at Beach House, and there are no other luxury resorts in Turks and Caicos that are anything like it.

Let yourself go. We are here to catch you. The relaxing spirit of the Turks and Caicos Islands is highly contagious, and you’re going to take it home with you. Unlike other luxury hotels in Turks and Caicos, The Beach House was born to create the ultimate atmosphere in which to revel in your newfound sense of freedom. This is bliss!

The 21 suites are amongst the most generously sized rooms of all Turks and Caicos resorts, ranging from 1,150 sq ft to 1,580 sq ft for the one and two bedroom suites. Our Beach House Restaurant is the only one out of all the luxury hotels in Turks and Caicos that is renowned for its French contemporary cuisine with a lovely twist of Turks and Caicos. Our restaurant is ideally suited for romantic dinners for two and large events alike.

We don’t believe any other hotels in Turks and Caicos are quite as committed to creating such a blissful atmosphere as we are, from the dining table to the deck to the beach and beyond.

Right now, you could be staying in one of the best hotels in Turks and Caicos. With a spa, gym, complimentary watersports equipment and bicycles, activities are plentiful and your relaxing holiday is awaiting. No other luxury hotels in Turks and Caicos offer the divine tranquility of the Beach House. We are unique. We are whatever you want us to be. What would you like to do next?

There are many hotels in Turks and Caicos, but you won’t find another like Beach House.

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