Sailrock Resort

Sailrock Resort is located on the nearly untouched island of South Caicos, offering stunning natural beauty including three Nature Reserves, the world’s third-largest coral reef, a Tropical Deciduous Forest and thriving coastal ecosystem. Only a 25-minute flight from the main island of Providenciales, the 770-acre resort provides unparalleled out-island luxury for discerning travelers, with miles of secluded white-sand beaches, crystal blue waters and a lush natural landscape. With several scheduled flights to South Caicos each day and on-demand charters readily available, travelers can enjoy the best of both worlds, visiting the grand island of Providenciales and then heading to South Caicos for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience. All stays booked at Sailrock Resort include a complimentary airport greeter and free transfers to the property, making getting to the resort easy, quick and enjoyable.

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