Morgan's Rock, Nicaragua

Morgan’s Rock is located at Playa Ocotal, 12 km northwest from the entrance to San Juan del Sur, at an approximate two and a half hour drive south of Managua and one and a half hour drive from Liberia airport in Costa Rica (without taking into consideration the time spent doing immigrations and customs and the border.

15 spacious bungalows (42mt2) built with tropical woods acquired from responsibly managed logging sources or reforestation projects in Nicaragua, ensuring artistic yet ecologically responsible built bungalows. All have been soundly designed to offer shelter from rain, sun or wind, yet touching as little of the surrounding nature as possible. The stone walls, offering the base and the best support during the breezy season, are hand-cut and tailor-made slabs from volcanic stone. The copper piping in the showers and sinks were created and designed by the Architect Matthew Falkiner and by the German Engineer who built the suspension bridge.

The property includes a beautiful 1.5 km long beach. The crescent-shaped bay naturally inhibits rip tides, making the morning and afternoon swims safe and enjoyable. Cautions need to be taken during high tide as there can be an undercurrent. The larger the waves, the stronger the outgoing current will be. The lodge does not offer lifeguard services.

Restaurant “La Bastide”
The food and beverages served at the lodge are of high quality and in its majority produced on the farm locally or fished in the ocean in front of the hotel. Meals focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, chicken and meat. We also offer a wide range of vegetarian meals and are able to accommodate to different dietary requirements. Meals are a la carte, and the waiters will ask for guest’s dinner choice during either breakfast or lunch in order to avoid waste.

The restaurant is a non-smoking area. Guests may smoke at the bar. The dress code is informal.
Breakfast is served from 7:00 -10:00 a.m.
Lunch is served from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.
Dinner from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Bar “The Commodore”
Full service bar that offers local fruit juices, tropical cocktails, wines and spirits.

On-site Activities

The Hacienda tour
To get a glimpse of this vast expanse of land and the daily operations of a Nicaraguan hacienda (or farm), take a guided tour to various points of interest. Venture into the property in search of wildlife, while making stops at the tree and fruit plantation, chicken hut, horse stable. End the tour at a beautiful lookout for a panoramic view of the Nicaraguan Pacific Coast. Duration: 3 hours. Easy. $35 per person

Jungle walk
This hike is offered in the morning and afternoon. Leave the Lodge after breakfast or lunch and explore the various ecosystems and forests that Hacienda Morgan’s Rock offers. There are good chances to see monkeys, tropical birds, reptiles and other dry forest animals while hiking through dry riverbeds and nature trails. Learn about the different kind of plants and trees found in the nature reserve. Duration: 1 1⁄2 hours. Medium. $20 per person.

Sunrise or sunset estuary kayaking
Take a short walk down to the beach where the estuary meets the beach. Paddle through the estuary and mangrove forest during sunrise or sunset in tandem kayaks for a view exotic birds and some much needed tranquility. Duration: 1.5 hours. Medium. $10 per person.

Horseback riding
Allow the farm horses, Pirata, Lucero, Chavalo, and Rosillo take you through the tropical dry forest and spot monkeys, sloths and birds along the way. After arriving to the coastal hill, view the entire property and San Juan del Sur. End the trek at the beach for a final run. Duration: 2 hours. Medium to difficult. $45 per person.

The Dry Forest experience
Walk through primary and secondary forest, witness a watering hole and learn more about the history of Nicaragua and this Hacienda along the way. Duration: 2 hours. Light to medium $ 30 per person.

“Los Miradores” Tour
Leave after breakfast and head to the highest point of the farm to oversee the area and get an idea where the Nicaragua Canal was supposed to be built. Learn about the events that lead to building the canal in Panama and enjoy a break at the point where the canal would have met the Pacific Ocean. Duration: 1.5 hours. Medium to difficult. $25 per person.

“La Pluma Hike”
This is the most difficult hike offered at the property also headed to the highest point of the Hacienda. Duration: 3- 4 hours. Difficult. $ 25 per person.

Breakfast at the Farm
Most of the products served at Morgan’s Rock are produced at the Hacienda and guests have the opportunity to learn all about it. This is called “Agro tourism.” Rise early and depart from the hotel to the farm. Milking the cows, picking up eggs and preparing a typical hearty breakfast at the house of the animal caretaker is the first part of the tour. Then visit other areas of the farm including tree and fruit plantations and the shrimp farm. Duration: 2 1⁄2 hours including breakfast. Easy. $25 per person

Las Tinajas
For the non- horse riders that do not want to miss the spectacular vista that the horseback riders enjoy, we are offer a hiking version as well. Meet at the lobby and return via the beach.
Duration: 2 hours. Medium. $20 per person.

Turtle nesting or hatching
During turtle season, leave a notice at the reception if you would like to be awaken by our night guard should a sea turtle comes to the beach to lay her eggs.. We will inform of the possibility of turtle hatching (45-47 days after they have been laid). Guest can see the nests located in the hatchery, where guards keep a watchful eye on them. There is no charge for this.

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